Shooting Near Morgan State University Sparks Chaos and Calls for Stricter Gun Control Measures

In a shocking incident, multiple people were shot near Morgan State University in Baltimore on Tuesday night, prompting the police to declare an active shooter situation.[0] The shooting occurred during homecoming week at the university, adding to the chaos and panic among students and residents. As the situation unfolded, the Baltimore Police Department urged people to stay clear of the area surrounding Thurgood Marshall Hall and the Murphy Fine Arts Center, and to shelter in place.[1]

The police confirmed that they were responding to an active shooter situation in the 1700 block of Argonne Drive, which is near the university premises.[2] They advised concerned family members to report to the Safeway parking lot on Harford Road, where a police officer would be available to provide information and support.[1] The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also joined forces with the Baltimore police to assist in the ongoing investigation.[3]

Details about the incident were initially scarce, but it was later confirmed that multiple victims had been shot. The status of the victims was not immediately known.[4] WJZ reporter Kelsey Kushner shared a photo of a shattered window with a bullet hole, which was later confirmed by the police to be the dorm window from where the shooter was firing.[4] The police urged people to avoid the area and continue to shelter in place as the investigation continued.

Morgan State University, known for being one of the most diverse historically Black colleges and universities in the nation, is also the largest in Maryland.[5] With around 9,100 students, the university plays a significant role in providing higher education opportunities to a diverse student body.[5] The shooting took place during the coronation ceremony of Miss and Mr. Morgan State University, a popular event that takes place annually during homecoming week.[1]

As the situation unfolded, the Baltimore City Council Member Ryan Dorsey stated that there were five victims, none of whom were in critical condition. It was believed that three shooters were involved in firing into the crowd, but none had been apprehended or identified at that time.[6] The police continued to investigate the incident and urged the public to stay away from the area.

This incident serves as a tragic reminder of the ongoing issue of gun violence in the United States.[7] It highlights the importance of implementing stricter gun control measures to prevent such incidents and protect the lives of innocent individuals. As the investigation progresses, it is crucial to support the victims and their families, and to work towards creating safer communities for everyone.

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